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The health dangers of office work.

Office work poses a lot of health risks

There are several dangers of working in an office as compared to working in other areas. Working in an office seems like a straightforward task, but it is not. Many people do not know the dangers of working in an office. Most of the youth and adults prefer working in an office than working in other areas that involve frequent walking to different places. Many people choose office jobs because they think they are comfortable as they seem. Therefore in this article, we are going to look at the health dangers of office work. Some of those dangers are such as:

Toxic air causes clogging of your lungs

Research indicates that the air found in an open office is 100 times dirtier as compared to the air outside that office. Therefore this creates dangerous health effects due to inhaling dirty air around. As comparing the air that a person working in an open field breath and the air for a person in an open office. Due to the presence of several people in the same room, the air inside gets dirt faster due to limited air in the office. Also, the air conditioner installed in these offices can still supply dirty air in the room. That causes clogging of the lungs.

Too much sitting in one place can reduce years of your life.

In an office job, an employee spends most of his time seated. Sitting in a particular place for a long time can minimize the number of days one lives in this world. Thus it is essential to ensure you avoid sitting for several hours in an office to avoid things like muscular skeletal disorder, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and more. There are very high chances of getting diseases such as obesity because one is always sited in one place and hence no time for exercises to help in burning calories. Therefore always ensure you do not sit for very long hours in an office to avoid such diseases.

Leads your body to constant stressful states.

Since most of the office jobs require one to report early and leave in the evening, most of the people working in offices find them skipping several breakfasts to rush in their jobs before getting late. The skipping of the breakfasts frequently makes you forget the essential morning meals. By doing this for a more extended period, your body will be subjected to stressful state all the time due to disruption in the body’s metabolism. Research indicates that people who always skip their breakfast have high chances of getting some diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and many more. Therefore always ensure you wake up early enough to have a quiet time having your breakfast before leaving for the job.

Fast food is not suitable for your health.

Most of the people who eat fast foods in hotels and restaurant for lunch are the people working in offices. That happens because the time for eating lunch is limited to about two hours and therefore one does not have enough time to go and prepare another meal. Most of the office workers, therefore, prefer eating fast foods to save time. Most of these fast foods have adverse effects on our bodies, and hence, they make one prone to heart diseases due to a high content of oxidized fat. Therefore it is crucial to ensure you avoid fast foods.

Some office equipment leads to lung cancer.

Research has shown that some equipment such as photocopiers and printers are hazardous to health because they can cause lung cancer. When this equipment is overused, they can have very adverse effects on body health. The laser printers are known to produce /release some toxic particles that get directs to the bloodstream and lungs. Therefore ensure you always avoid using such office equipment to avoid their effects.

Using a computer for a long time is harmful to your vision.

Most of the office jobs have computers that make work easier. Apart from making the work easier, the computers are known to harm one’s vision when one stares at the computer for a long time. That causes your vision to develop problems due to excess light from the monitor. Therefore it is recommended to ensure you reduce the screen brightness when working with computers to avoid the effect on eyes.
Therefore by considering the above-discussed health dangers of office work, it is clear that one need s to know some of the discussed dangers before choosing an office job. By knowing those facts, you will be able to know the best things to do when working in an office.
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