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Do Workout Clothes Matter?

I used to believe that workout clothes were for people who just wanted to look like they are working out. Not for people that actually work out, because those are too busy getting strong.

Well, I have to readjust my ideas on that.

It seems that work-out clothes can actually be helpful. I recently tried a set of compression pants, and that turned into my best set ever. What seems like just a little bit of pressure on the legs, actually improves performance by a massive margin.

But does it make sense to use something to make training lighter?

I have always tried to make my exercises as hard as I possibly can. Every time I found myself making it lighter, I would readjust and go for the best form, slowest and deepest reps. And wearing performance enhancing clothes doesn’t really fit with that.

But another training philosophy says; you need to train at the level that you want to perform.

And then it actually makes sense to use them.

So the verdict is still not out. But we are testing it.