Candace Eisner Strick - Biography
Learning both music and knitting at the age of three, Candace Eisner Strick has followed these two loves all her life. She was co-director and cello instructor of the Suzuki String Program of Mansfield, CT for 16 years. She is the author of Sweaters From a New England Village (Down East Books, 1996), a book about Harrisville, NH which features twenty original designs using Harrisville Designs yarn. Her second book, Sweaters From New England Sheep Farms (Down East Books, 2000) is a series of portraits of eight New England sheep farmers who hand-dye the wool they produce, and includes over 25 original designs using their fiber. Her third knitting book, Beyond Wool (Martingale and Co., Feb. 2004), uses a variety of fibers other than wool. There are chapters about the fibers as well as 25 original designs. Her fourth book, The Quilter's Quick Reference Guide, was released in June, 2004 by Martingale and Co. Her fifth publication, Little Box of Crocheted Bags, will be released in March 2006 by Martingale and Co. Her designs and writing have appeared in Knitter's Magazine, Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Knit It Magazine, Wild Fiber Magazine, Cast On Magazine and Vogue Knitting books. Candace designs for yarn companies while she and her husband run their internet based business,, which features her exclusive designs, custom hand dyed yarn, and her new line of uniquely blended colors, Merging Colors.

Candace teaches workshops internationally at major knitting conventions and guilds. Her other fiber related interests include spinning, weaving, dyeing and quilting. When not doing the above, she is riding her bicycle. She lives in rural Connecticut with her pianist/knitting husband and 2 birds. She has three grown sons, all of whom know how to knit but refuse to do so.

Sweaters From a New England Village, 20 Original Pattersn Featuring Harrisville Designs Yarn, by Candace Eisner Strick,
1996 Down East Books, 122 pages

Sweaters From New England Sheep Farms, 26 Original Patterns in Hand-Dyed and
Natural Colored Yarn, by Candace Eisner Strick, 2000 Down East Books, 128 pages

Beyond Wool, by Candace Eisner Strick
Martingale and Co., Feb. 2004

The Quilter's Quick Reference Guide by Candace Eisner Strick
Martingale and Co., June 2004

Little Box of Crocheted Bags by Candace Eisner Strick
Martingale and Co., March 2006

Variations, by Myrna Stahman, to be released by Rocking Chair Press in 2006,
Contribution of Feather and Fan sweater

Christmas Stockings, 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit, 2001 Interweave Press, Inc.
Contribution of Austrian Alpine Treasure

Interweave Knits Magazine, Summer, 1997
Ravelings Column, "Sickness or Passion?"

Fashion Knitting (now Knit N Style), Oct, 1997,
Contribution of cover sweater, Braid and Lattice Pullover

Interweave Knits Magazine, Winter 00/01
Contribution of Austrian Socks

Knitter's Magazine, Spring 2000
Contribution of Mitered Mozart Sweater

Knit It Magazine (Dec. 2002),
Contribution of scarf and child's sweater outfit

Vogue On the Go Books,
Crochet scarf

Cast On Magazine, Fall 2003
Dorm socks

Cast On Magazine, Winter, 2003
Cover design and article: Austrian Mittens and Hat

Wild Fibers Magazine, Summer 2005
Stradivarius Stole

Vogue Knitting Magazine, Winter 2005-2006
Mobius Capelet

Vogue Knitting Magazine, Spring 2006
Socks: By Invitation Only

Published designs by Lion Brand Yarn, Louet Sales, Harrisville Designs,
Renaissance Wool (now out of business), Tregellys Fiber and Dye Studio,
Chasing Rainbows, Oakgrove Yarns, Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm, A Touch of Twist ,
Windy Valley Musk Ox Farm

Jen Johnson
XRX Inc.
PO Box 1525
Sioux Falls, SD
Arnhild Hillesland
2314 Buchanan Drive
Ames, Iowa 50010-4370
1974-BS University of Connecticut, Music Education
1974-1979: General Music East Hartford Public Schools, CT.
1990-2005: Suzuki Cello Instuctor, Mansfield Public Schools, CT.

May, 1993: 3 day workshop on Fair Isle Design, Harrisville, NH

March,1996: Minnesota Knitter's Guild Annual Yarnover, MN
May, 1996: York Knitter's Guild, Slide Show and Lecture, PA

Feb., 1997: The Knitting Guild of America National Convention, Washington, DC
April, 1997: Minnesota Knitter's Guild Annual Yarnover, MN
September 27, 1997: Webs Workshop, Northampton, MA
September 20 and November 8, 1997: Have You Any Wool Yarn shop, Chesire, CT.
October 4 and 18, 1997: The Wool Connection, Avon, CT

March, 1998: Stitches West, Oakland, CA-opening day presentation and classes
March, 1998: The Knitting Guild of America National Convention, Milwaukee, WI
April, 1998: Minnesota Knitter's Guild Annual Yarnover, St. Paul, MN
April, 1998: The Wool Connection's Ewephoric Weekend, Avon, CT
June, 1998: Guest speaker at the Granite State Knit-In, Lincoln, NH.
October, 1998: Stitches East, King of Prussia, PA., opening day presentation and classes
November, 1998: TKGA Regional, Andover, MA

March, 1999: Stitches West, Oakland, CA
April 10, 1999: The Wool Connection's Ewephoric Weekend, Avon, CT
June, 1999: Stitches Camp, Silver Bay, NY
August, 1999: Stitches Mid-West, St. Paul, MN
October, 1999: Big Apple Knitter's Guild, NYC, NY; slide presentation and lecture
October, 1999: Stitches East, King of Prussia, PA
October, 1999: Greater Boston Knitting Guild, Boston, MA; slide presentation and lecture

March, 2000: Stitches West, Oakland CA; opening day presentation and classes
April, 2000: Minnesota Knitter's Guild Annual Yarn-Over, St. Paul, MN
May, 2000: New Boston Sheep and Wool Festival: New Boston, NH
August 24-27, 2000: Stitches Mid-West, St. Paul, MN; opening day and classes
Sept. 16, 2000: Knitter's Day Out, Mechanicsburg, PA: featured teacher
Sept. 24, 2000: Knitter's Day, Union Square, NY City: guest author
Sept.30, Oct. 1, 2000: Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, VT: featured teacher
Oct. 12-15, 2000: Stitches East, King of Prussia, PA

Jan. 18-20, 2001: TNNA, Long Beach, CA.
Feb. 22-25, 2001: Stitches West, Oakland, CA
March 30, 2001: Three Kitten's Yarn Shop, St. Paul, MN
March 31, 2001: Minnesota Knitter's Guild, MN: keynote speaker and teacher
May 5, 2001: Book Signing with Barbara Walker and Myrna Stahman, Chicago, IL
May 25-26, 2001: The Elegant Ewe: Concord, NH
June 14-17, 2001: Stitches Camp at Lake George, Silver Bay, NY
August 23-26, 2001: Stitches Midwest, Minneapolis, MN
October 11-14, 2001: Stitches East, King of Prussia, PA

Feb.23-24, 2002: Arnhild's Knitting Camp, featured teacher and guest speaker, Iowa
March 2-3, 2002: Sunflower Knitting Guild, Kansas City, MO
April, 2002: Wool Connection's Ewephoric Weekend, Avon, CT.
April, 2002: Big Apple Knitter's Guild Retreat, Pawling, NY.
July 26-28, 2002: Sugarloaf Spinner's Retreat, featured teacher, Sugarloaf, ME.
August 22-25, 2002: Stitches Midwest, Chicago, IL
September 21, 2002: Knitter's Day Out, featured teacher, Mechanicsburg, PA.
October, 2002: Stitches East, King of Prussia, PA.

Feb. 2003: Stitches West, Oakland, CA
March, 2003: TKGA National Convention, Burbank, CA.
March, 2003: St. Louis Knitter's Guild, St. Louis, MI.
May 29-June 1, 2003: Stitches Camp East, Asheville, NC
July 11-13, 2003: TKGA, Manchester, NH
August 20-24, 2003: Stitches Midwest, Chicago, IL
Oct 2-5, 2003: Stitches East, Atlantic City, NJ
November 15-16, 2003: Paducah, KY Knitter's Guild

Jan 29-Feb. 2, 2004: TNNA, Long Beach, CA
Feb. 6-8, 2004: Wool 'n Word Weekend Retreat, NY
March 6-7, 2004: Austin Knitter's Guild, Austin, TX
March 20-21, 2004: Binghamtom Knitter's Guild, NY
March 27-28, 2004: Buffalo Knitter's Guild, Buffalo, NY.
April 17-18, 2004: Midwest Masters, WI
May 8, 2004: Nutmeg Knitter's Guild, CT
May 10, 2004: Seacoast Knitter's Guild, NH
May 23, 2004: Candlewood Valley Knitter's Guild, CT
July 15-18, 2004: Stitches Camp, NY
July 23-25, 2004: TKGA Regional, NH
August 19-22, 2004: Stitches Midwest, Chicago
Septmeber 18, 2004: Knitter's Day Out, PA
October 7-10, 2004 Stitches East, Atlantic City, NJ
October 20, 2004: Candlewood Valley Knitting Guild, CT
October 30-31, 2004: Knitter's Days, MN (student)
November 8, 2004: Nutmeg Knitter's Guild, CT
November 12, 2004: Riverside Guild, CA
November 13, 2004: Valley Needlers, Hemet, CA
November 14, 2004: Knotty Knitters, CA

January 22-25: TNNA, Long Beach, CA
February 10-13: Stitches West, Santa Clara, CA
March 5, Knitworking, Hampton Falls, NH
March 12-13: Wool 'n Word Knitter's Retreat, Stephentown, NY
March 20-Westchester Knitting Guild, NY
April 1-2: Arlington, TX
April 9: Ewephoric Weekend, Avon, CT
May 13-15: Sealed With a Kiss, Guthrie, OK
June 10-13: TNNA, Columbus, OH
June 17-July 2: Arnhild's Knitting Studio tour to Norway and Austria
July 7-11: Camp Stitches, Hamilton, NY
August 10-14: Stitches Midwest, IL
July 30: The Knitting Circle, Boston, MA
August 4-5: Home Workshop, Mansfield, CT
September 22-25: Stitches East, NJ
October 15-16: Dyed in the Wool, Pittsburgh, PA
October 28: Three Kitten's Yarn Shop, Minneapolis, MN
Oct 29-30: Minnesota Knitter's Days. MN
November 6: Windham Textile Museum, Willimantic, CT

January 21-23: TNNA, San Diego, CA
Feb 16-19: Stitches West, Santa Clara, CA
March 4: Love to Knit Yarn Shop, Vermillion, OH
March 26: Knitting Central, Westport, CT
April 1-2: Ewephoric Weekend, Avon, CT
April 5 (Wed): Harvard Knitter's Guild, MA
April 20-23: TKGA, Oakland, CA
April 29: Minnesota Knitter's Guild, Minneapolis, MN
May 2, 3, 4, 5: A Good Yarn, Baltimore, MD
June 1-6: Stitches Camp, NC
June 10-12: TNNA, Indianapolis, IN
July 5-9: Sidna's Farley's Retreat, Monument, CO
August 10-13: Stitches Midwest, Rosemont, IL
August 25-27: Knit at Night Guild, TX
September 11-12: Fryburg, Maine Knitter's Guild
September 13: Seacoast Knitter's Guild, Rye, NH
October 14-15: Tulsa, OK
October 22-26: Camp West, CA
November 2-5: Stitches East, Baltimore, MD

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