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Traditional Medicine vs Functional Medicine

functional medicine vs common or traditional medicine

The dichotomy between common medicine and functional medicine will give a better picture of what each of them does. The analysis would help to choose the better one notwithstanding their objective is to make people feel better in a health condition. We’ll discuss here briefly the comparison common medicine vs Functional medicine.

Traditional or Modern Medicine

Traditional medicine encompasses medical doctors psychologists, physical therapists, nurses, and other health care professionals. Common medical care is also known as standard medical care.

In this approach, the treatment is done using drugs, and radiation. The modern allopathic medicine comprises mainstream medicine, biomedicine, and western medicine. The approaches used in common medicine are nothing but the conventional methods developed over the last couple of hundred years.

Functional medicine

In Functional medicine system of healthcare, there is a singular focus on the underlying cause of the ailment. According to the system, each of the symptoms diagnosed may have several contributing factors that cause illness in individuals.

This approach focuses on an overall approach to total wellness. Under the system may find multiple causes for a health condition. The underlying concept of functional medicine is that each of the causes symptoms and conditions is an overall impact of many causative factors including lifestyle, genes, and environment.

Comparing Traditional medicine to Functional medicine

1. The approach followed by Functional medicine involves an investigation into the causative factors. It takes into account the symptoms and analyses the underlying causes of the problem. This leads to clarity and the right remedial approach could be adopted.

On the other hand, symptoms, and factors that play in their investigation a significant role in common medicine. It does not, however, address the root cause of the symptoms.

2. Functional medicine takes a comprehensive approach to the problem and recognizes the importance of the relationship between health and disease.

The traditional medicine system visualizes the body as a bundle of distinct parts for which there is a different set of people medicine specialists, pediatrician, urologists, cardiologists, and so forth.

3. When it comes to safety, Functional medicine causes little or no side effect. The side effects, if any, are mild and subside soon.

In traditional medicine, symptoms are likely to cause side effects and complication that need separate treatment.

4. In Functional medicine, all the attention is on the patient. It makes the patient feel good and not the disease. Treatment for each patient is unique according to the individual patient’s need.

In Common medicine approach, the disease is made to leave the patient.

In Common medicine system, the disease is driven away by the approach at the cost of the ease for the patient. If there are two or more patients with the same disease, they’re given the same treatment without taking account the needs, and consequence of the treatment done.

5. Traditional medicine approach ignores the apprehensions, opinion, and the patient is allowed to play little role in the treatment approach.

Functional medicine approach takes into account the sensibilities of the patient. The patient is given the due liberty for their opinion and encourages them to get educated and informed. This encourages the patient to play an active role in the healing process.

6. Common medicine system bases its treatment approach solely on medications, surgery even though they are proven not safe.

Functional medicine involves a combination of the best methods of modern and traditional approaches. It emphasizes the diet and lifestyle of the patient.

7. common medicine system makes a palliative approach of treatment for the condition. All the tests, treatments aim to save the patient from death and serious illness without addressing the causative factors.

Functional medicine approaches an illness with tests such that it results in the normal healthy function of the body and improves life quality.

8. The common Medicine system focusing on the disease once it reaches an irreversible state.

On the other hand, Functional medicine adopts a preventive approach.

10. Traditional medicine is based on the pharmaceutical and insurance companies that are motivated by profits.

Functional medicine takes into consideration the research and breakthrough and follows them in true letter and spirit. It does not get influenced by business or political interest groups. All this is good in the interest of the patient and all others


As the comparison Common medicine vs Functional medicine, goes on, Functional medicine goes with a realistic approach. It takes into account the uniqueness of each patient and modifies the treatment accordingly. Further, it also advises for the right quality diet along with different methodology as required. This only helps in accelerating the healing process reverse the disease ultimately.